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Open Bowling

Please call ahead for current price, specials, and availability at: 734-994-8433.  Events and hours subject to change without notice.


Open Bowling

most of the time!


Minimum 6 people to open 2 lanes, otherwise lanes can be rented at the prevailing hourly rate.


Bumper Bowling for youth

ages 8 and under please



Sunday Night Redpin

6pm to close

We'll put a red pin in with the others. If it comes up as the head pin (pin #1), and you can knock them all down for a STRIKE, we'll give you a free game!

(just let us know B4 you throw the ball the red pin is in position)







Save yourself some green!



9pm until close (1am or later)

Thursday Night

9:30-pm until close


Friday Night


 10pm until 2am


bowling shoes required to bowl - shoe rental available, socks required and can be purchased.

no in and out of building during all u can bowl - lane will be turned off with no refunds.

minimum payment of 3 people per lane to get started -- bring your friends!   Otherwise lane(s) can be rented at the prevailing hourly rate.  

groups of 5 or less will be assigned to a single lane only.  reservations are not allowed.

we reserve the right to add bowlers (up to 5 total per lane) to your lane during the all u can bowl specials.

we typically will invoke this policy if all the lanes are occupied and people are waiting to bowl.


Bel-Mark Lanes